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Vivo Hair & Beauty was founded in 2010, with one salon in Auckland. Seven years on and with a love for great hair in Vivo’s collective DNA, the company now have nearly 100 salons throughout New Zealand. We thrive on good ideas, we appreciate elegance, innovative style, and top notch service. It is easy to see how Vivo has become the go to place for over 65,000 returning customers across New Zealand, and are now known as the biggest hair service provider in New Zealand. 

Vivo’s style is discerning and chic, nearly 600 hair and beauty leaders call Vivo home. What makes us stand out? Among many reasons, a national training programme anchors a winning formula for both stylists and clients. Throughout the year, Vivo hosts training and technique seminars to keep its stylists on the cutting  edge and ahead of the pack. Stylists are given a platform to innovate and share their knowledge. The Vivo training program is designed to help stylists propel their career forward, with targeted seminars and workshops  all year around.

 The beauty and confidence-giving quality of gorgeous hair is well known, and Vivo invest a huge amount of  time and energy into training their stylists to give clients the high-quality, life changing experience they are  looking for. To make high quality hair care accessible, and to provide easy introductions to the Vivo  experience, clients are offered a selection of hair packages to choose from, and in salon they receive a  service that both delights and empowers. Vivo stylists are passionate about helping women feel more  beautiful, and confident. 

When you come out with a Vivo look your whole world changes, you’re transformed and that’s what Vivo’s story is; when you feel amazing, so do we.

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