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Modern Rapunzel Package

Gorgeous, full-bodied, shiny hair for tossing over your shoulder, cascading down your back, and putting up in voluptuous buns and lacy braids. Ahhh...

  • Modern Rapunzel Package

    Modern Rapunzel Package

    Deeply Nourishing Treatment Experience

    Relaxing Head Massage

    Trim to Refresh Ends

    Blow Wave Finish - reduced-heat option available

    Styling & Care Recommendations

    Goldwell Treatment product (up to $30.50)


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  • For appointments and further info call 0800 400 300. 
  • Valid with all Senior Stylists at VIVO. 
  • For Master Stylist Pricing, please call 0800 400 300. 
  • Extra charges may apply from $10 for hair past shoulder length or thick hair.
  • Any additional services to be paid at salon.
  • Voucher valid for 12 months.

VIVO Promise & No-Surprise Guarantee

When you visit VIVO we promise hair you'll love, or your money back. And if your service is going to cost extra (for example, for long/thick hair), we will tell you before we start, or you don't have to pay it.

When can I have my appointment?

Although opening hours vary slightly per salon, every VIVO salon is open Tuesday through Saturday. Late night and morning appointments are available.

To check appoinment availability, please call 0800 400 300.

Are there any extra charges?

This is a complete package with no extra charges. If you would like to have this service with a Vivo Master Stylist, please enquire on 0800 400 300.

How can I make my hair grow faster?

Growth speed is influenced by factors including genetics, hormones, medications, diet, emotional well-being and even time of year. While some are harder to control than others, there's still plenty you can do.

Great hair starts at the plate. Poor eating choices reflect on your skin - hair is no different. Provide your follicles with the right building blocks for new hair cells. A diet rich in protein, selenium, magnesium, zinc, iron and biotin, plus ample water intake, helps grow strong at the root.

What about the 100 strokes rule?

Staying tangle-free reduces damage, but brushing for minutes on end will do more harm than good. Excessive and vigorous brushing weakens hair and causes untimely breakage!

Focus on honing your existing length and opt for a soft-bristle detangling brush that will do the job quickly and gently - your Stylist will point you in the right direction.

So what exactly causes hair damage?

Barring a medical condition, most of the damage to cuticle and shaft results from environmental stress. Healthy hair can withstand a certain amount of stress - but too much at once and/or pre-weakened hair may mean lasting damage.

Sources of environmental stress can be classified as follows:

  • Mechanical. Tangles, brushing, tight hairstyles, abrasive suds in certain shampoos, coarse pillow cases
  • Chemical. Chlorine and harsh PH levels in water, permanent straightening and waving, bleach and certain colouring products
  • UV Rays. Like the skin, hair is dried and prematurely aged by prolonged unprotected exposure to direct sunlight
  • Thermal. High heat or cold. Hot blow drys, curling iron, steam rooms, hot showers
  • Hydral. Wet hair expands, dry hair contracts. Frequent and rapid wet-to-dry changes increase stress for the strand.
  • Impaired Hydration. Build-up of conditioning and styling products, post-exercise sweat, and dry air reduce hair's ability to maintain optimum moisture levels


How to tell that my hair is truly damaged?

There are several tell-tale signs that a strand (or its portion) has suffered too much stress. You may notice one or several of the following:

  • Split and splitting ends
  • Excessive dryness. Hair may appear rougher or frizzier than usual, brittle and inflexible, is harder to brush
  • Reduced volume. Hair feels thinner and finer
  • Oiliness. Hair gets greasy and limp sooner than usual
  • Dullness. Reduced shine and movement, hair looks tired
  • Discoloration. Hair appears brassy and washed-out
  • Altered texture. Naturally curly hair that appears to have lost its spring and "uncurled", naturally straight strands showing kinks and bends.
  • Increased porosity. Colour fades faster than usual, when wet hair feels spongy and matted.

Should I give up colouring?

A beautiful new colour can bring so much joy and variety into your life - and there's no need to give up that pleasure! However, some colour services are more growing-out-friendly than others. Your Stylist will help you tailor a colour plan that will prioritise health and condition while giving you that stunning look.

What if I cannot give up straightening?

If keeping your hair straight is as important to you as keeping it long, you are not alone!

Consider investing in a quality hot-iron that works at a hair-friendly temperature and has precision heat sensors.

Only ever run the iron over dry hair - use on damp and wet locks might result in severe permanent damage.

Always apply a specialised high-quality heat-protection serum prior to straightening.

If you're an absolute fiend for straightening, you may want to look into our Keratin Therapy. Easy on the hair, fortifies your locks with keratin, and significantly reduces need for hot tools for several months.

What products will you use for my hair?

For hair-care, colouring and styling we use only the professional Goldwell products. Goldwell is an international award-winning brand with more than 65 years of expertise in hairdressing innovation, available exclusively through hair salons. Goldwell hair-care range caters to all hair types and all possible hair needs, comprising cleansing, conditioning, styling and specialised deep treatment products.

What else can I do?

1. Keep your Stylist in the know! When we know that length is your priority, we'll tailor all your services with that goal in mind.

2. Say no to excessive showering. Daily exposure to chlorinated tap water, followed by a hot blowdry, is a sure-fire recipe for stressed out hair. If your locks get greasy and uncomfortable in 24 hours or less, you may not be using hair-care products correct for your hair type and condition. Your Stylist will be happy to advise - as well as to provide tips on fun and easy styling for second-day hair.

3. Wash like a pro. If you suffer from the common Post-Shower Tangled Mop syndrome, ask your Stylist to show how to lather and rinse with minimum entanglement.

4. Towel-dry like a pro. How you apply the towel to wet hair makes a difference too. Gently pat and press over and around the hair - never ruffle or rub back and forth, or twist to squeeze out the water.

5. If you blow dry, do it like a pro. Your Stylist will show techniques to avoid unnecessarily roughing up the cuticle or overstretching the hair.

6. The sun may give you natural highlights, but it can also cause the same dryness and premature ageing that it does in the skin. Keep your locks well moisturised to keep hydration levels up, and whenever possible wear a sun hat or scarf on especially bright summer days.

7. Sauna enthusiast? Apply a rich protective mask beforehand and wear a special felt sauna-hat to shield off the dry heat.

8. If you like twisting, twirling or tousling your strands, this is a habit best let go of. If you must keep your fingers busy as you work or study, try wearing a necklace or earrings you can twirl instead.

9. Go easy on styles that pull, bend or squeeze the hair, especially with clips or tight hair-bands. If the ponytail is a must-have saviour on those hectic days, ask your Stylist for tips on the gentler, hair-friendly (and glam!) pony-tail versions.

What if I am losing hair?

Shedding is a natural part of the hair growth cycle. Once a hair finishes its cycle, it falls out and the follicle rests before beginning to grow a new hair. Losing 50-100 hairs at the root a day is considered normal. Keep in mind that the longer your hair is, the more you will notice the loss, as each hair is bigger.

It is normal to see a temporary increase in the rate of shedding 3-6 months after a major health stress (childbirth, surgery, dramatic weight loss, serious illness or emotional trauma), as well as in spring and autumn. This is temporary and the hair grows back.

However, if you suffer from a higher than usual loss with no apparent cause and/or experience thinning (hair does not grow back), it may be time to consult a professional. Some causes of thinning, such as incorrect care regime and undernourished scalp environment can be effectively addressed with specialised hair-care products available in salon. If the problem persists, it is recommended to seek the opinion of a qualified trichologist (hair doctor). You may have a hair-loss medical condition, or it may be a symptom of an underlying disorder non-specific to hair, such as hormonal imbalance or vitamin deficiency.