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September 24, 2018
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"If life doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you". Introducing Korrin Barrett, speaker, mentor, businesswoman and quadruple amputee. Korrin embodies this message of challenge, having gone from fit, healthy 33 year old to losing all of her limbs after becoming life-threateningly ill with sepsis 6 years ago.

However, Korrin has taken what would be most people's worst nightmare, and turned it into a powerful platform of motivation, inspiration and mentorship. Vivo Hair and Beauty have followed Korrin's journey, and have been so inspired that we reached out and asked her to collaborate with us in our new mission - Project GLO. Project GLO will see Vivo and Korrin doing what we can to reward women across the country - those who are struggling with the side-effects of illness, injury or circumstance, or just people who are doing really amazing stuff in our community.

Stand by for this super exciting launch, which goes live next month! #projectglo #vivolution

Korrin - Living Possibility

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