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VIVO STYLIST SPOTLIGHT: Lilli Viner-Benge, Vivo Tory St, Wellington

March 29, 2019
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Every fortnight we put the spotlight on one of our talented team from around New Zealand, asking them all about their life as a Vivo hairstylist!


Lilli Viner-Benge, Vivo Tory St, Wellington

Lilli is a dynamic person - a tattoo and glamour model with an international following, she is adorned in her art, something she points to as the beginning of her journey into hairdressing. “I was always really into art at school, and beauty/hair interested me.” she says. Scratch a little deeper, and Lilli also reveals a deep thinking, articulate and intelligent approach to her 12 year career as a hairstylist. “I was a nerd at school,” she laughs. After what she describes as a hard but fair apprenticeship, Lilli began her career with solid foundations and the knowledge to really do things properly. “The challenge is that I’m quite obsessive with hair and a perfectionist, so it keeps me up at night thinking of what I would do differently!”

Good hair can literally change your life!

This work ethic and detail orientation has seen the quiet, contemplative Lilli develop a wide range of clientele in her salon at Vivo Tory St, Wellington, where she develops beautiful, bespoke hair for the diverse demographic that walk through her door. Scroll through her Instagram page and you’ll see her skills exhibited from soft, natural balayages to bright, bold ‘mermaid hair’. When pressed for an answer about what she enjoys doing most, she is hesitant to settle on an answer. “Girly hair!” she begins. “Blondes have always been my thing, but I love pastels and balayages too, at the moment. So, um, everything!” she giggles, her passion for hair obvious. “Good hair can literally change your life,” she enthuses. “The power to transform someone’s mood is amazing. When someone feels good about themselves they can achieve so much - there is never a day that I take them or their trust in my skills for granted.”

My favourite thing in the chair is the smile I get when clients see the final look I have created for them. 

With a national platform like Vivo through which to take her skills to New Zealand, Lilli is excited to share her knowledge as a hair extension expert. “I love the instant gratification of hair extensions,” she says. “Hair extension technology has come so far, and they don’t need to look unnatural anymore. They’re as easy to maintain as getting your colour redone 6-8 weekly as you normally would.” Working for Vivo, Lilli is grateful for the team she has around her and the support she receives as part of the wider Vivo family. “I love that if you are passionate about a particular area, they will give you so many opportunities to specialise and grow.” If good hair can change your life, it’s safe to say that a talented, passionate hairstylist like Lilli has big things in mind for her beloved clients!

To book a consultation with Lilli, contact Vivo Tory St on 04 801 9945 or go to the easy bookings page.


Check out these hair looks by Lilli!

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